With our network of 260+ highly trained and qualified inspectors throughout Asia, we guarantee to be in any factory of the continent in less than 48 hours.

We follow the strictest recruitment standards, employing only professionals in the industry with a minimum of 3 years of experience in inspections and Quality Control (QC).

Natives of the countries in which we perform inspections with GLOBEXPERIENCE and vast knowledge in international trade practices.

Our Services


Container Loading Inspection

We focus the inspection on the product, making sure its compliance with the local regulations and normativity of the final destination. We randomly select and inspect several samples to verify the commodity and count one by one the cartons or bulks loaded into the container to make sure you will get what you paid for

  •   We will perform a pre-shipment inspection to verify that the freight matches the purchase order (Invoice and Waybill), quantity, quality, brands,  and the labeling requirements subject to product’s customs regulations. We randomly select and inspect samples and confirm that the goods are properly handled, packaged and loaded into the container.
  •   During the pre-loading survey, the inspector selects randomly different batches to verify that each of them contains the right quantity of goods.
  •   The loading process is strictly supervised in able to guarantee that the entire cargo is loaded and that all information matches the shipping documentation.


Quality Control Inspection

We represent your interests at the factory, by employing international AQL we verify that the specifications and features of the products being manufactured meet your terms and conditions.

You can specify when and at which stage of the production process to execute this service.

Final inspection takes place when the order has been produced, good are packaged into cartons and ready to export.

We suggest to perform QCI inspection while the merchandise is still in production line, Ex; at 20%, 50% and/or 70% of the production stages, ensuring you will have time enough to implement corrective measures.


Supplier factory Audit

Make sure your factory actually exists and has the necessary infrastructure, quality certificates and production processes to meet your deadlines and expectations

The Supplier Factory Audit (SFA) is usually performed before placing a purchase order, we conduct the inspection taking under consideration international regulations such as:  infrastructure, environmental regulations, child labor, safety measures, and so on.

We can customize the inspection in order to conduct our work based on your priorities or specific standards, as if it was you at the factory.


Supplier development

Among thousands of options and possibilities to choose from when selecting a supplier, it can be quite challenging to identify and fully trust the one option that looks like the one that meets your demands.

We identify and catalogue a select group of factories that meet the manufacturing processes, quality standards, target price, certifications, delivery time, and specific requirements of each buyer.

Our sourcing skills combined with our extensive data base gathered over more than thirteen years in China upholds thousands of supply options adequate for your industry.


Product development

China is the largest manufacturer in the world, some of its main industries are machinery, textiles, chemicals, footwear, electronics and toys. Let us know what you are looking for and we´ll make it happen.

Whether you already buy the products you are looking for and want to switch suppliers or you wish to create from scratch an innovative new best seller, our professional business development team will provide different options in terms of price, quality, specifications, functions, target market and industry you are intending to approach.


Purchase management

We will assist you throughout the entire purchase process, from the moment you decide to buy until the moment the cargo is shipped.

This service has been very popular over the years because it facilitates the relationship between importer and supplier, in addition to reduce considerably the risks of buying in China.

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Buying in China is challenging, but we are here to advise you and ensure your products Made in China are actually Well Made in China.

Globex Asia Welcome to Transera Logistic

Think of Globex Asia as your very own supplier

Over ten years of experience providing efficient and smart business solutions to importers around the world.

Our company was built after several years doing business with China ourselves, at the beginning we were Mexican entrepreneurs buying and selling products, later over the years we have come to understand the risks but also the opportunities that international trade has to offer.


Our three offices in China; Shanghai as our HQ, Shenzhen and Xiamen allow us to provide coverage across the region, managing fifteen branch offices in thirteen countries and two continents.

We are constantly innovating on technological gadgets that can enhance the experience of buying online, use our platform to develop new lines of products, reliable supply sources, upgrade and train your currents suppliers, and guarantee quality in your products allowing your brand to grow and consolidate in the market.


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    Year after year we recruit new members for the GA family, only highly experienced and specialized inspectors and auditors, yet they need to get acquainted with the way we work for our customers.

    Every small or big organization working with us, has specific requirements needed to apply when managing their supply chain, therefore, we create and deploy specific inspecting processes to fulfill such expectations.

    Every year we put together a training program, a “boot camp” as we call it in which our inspectors participate by performing in real life scenario inspections, so that we continue to create a corporative culture of precision and care.

    It is a very common practice for the factories in Asia to try and cheat on product inspections, and we´ve picked on that, it has been a tough challenge to overcome, but hard training, opened eyes and work ethics have taught us ways to be prepared and avoid being cheated on.

    Here we enlist some of the steps we implement to make sure our Quality Control Inspections are reliable:

    1.- All our inspections are monitored.

    2.- We use checklists as a guide to follow

    3.- Our inspector select the sampling badges randomly

    4.- Perform on good working conditions, a proper table, enough light, isolated from noise

    5.- Our inspectors work at their own pace, avoiding possible interruptions from the factory people

    6.- Pictures of the selected sampling badge to ensure they won´t be swapped behind the inspector´s back

    7.- We only proceed if the factory has provided tools for the inspection in good state and if they work correctly

    8.- Realistic sampling plans

    9.- We perform following specific criteria, and taking the end user/consumer perspective when checking the product

    10.- Double confirmations on major checkpoints compliance