Asia Inspections: Globex

Are you planning on buying from Asian suppliers?

Asia inspections: For decades Asia has been the most profitable and cost-efficiency business hub in the world, most of the products we use in our daily life were likely manufactured in one of these countries: China, Vietnam, India, Philippines, Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia or South Korea.

Globex Asia Inspections provides a wide services portfolio to ensure importers around the world will get what they paid for.

It is very common to receive half empty containers, large batches of merchandise that don´t match your quality standards or just don´t fit your description; that´s why Globex Asia Inspections is your most reliable partner to control and improve your results on site.


Globex Asia inspections.

Will find suitable supply options in the continent and conduct factory and company audits to verify the existence of the supplier, their production capacity, and their capability to meet your demands on time.

After the identity of the factory has been certified, Globex Asia Inspections recommends the practice of intermittent yet frequent Quality Control Inspections, to make sure the production of your order is taking place based on your quality requirements, market specifications, and governmental regulations.

Globex Asia Inspections´ recruitment policy demands for experience and trained inspectors in specific industries, as to conduct our inspections and performance acknowledging the product´s weakness spots, factory´s professional conducts, and business culture. The keen eye of native inspectors prevents you from accepting mal-practice by ignorance or distance /absence.

It isn’t over till it´s over; after ensuring the physical features of your products, it´s correct functioning/assembly, accurate labeling, etc…, we strongly suggest to effectuate the Globex Asia Inspections´ Number One (and a MUST) CLI; by its acronyms: Container Loading Inspection. At the final stage of the purchase is when most of the scams take place, because most importers believe that if the production stage has been cleared they can relax, huge mistake. With a CLI you will ensure that all the cartons were loaded into the container, on time, and that the cargo was handled properly and that the container is in good conditions to transport your cargo (wet boxes is usually a deal breaker).

You know it now! Find ultimate business solutions at Globex Asia Inspections!