Container Loading Inspection

Container Loading Inspection. As an importer, there are key aspects to keep an eye on when your goods are ready to be shipped, for example, It is very easy and common to find inconsistencies in the number of boxes or individual pieces (depends on the item and its packaging) when the cargo has arrived at your warehouse. Or damaged goods is another problem importers around the world face very often.


When we are dealing with big suppliers, it is almost law that they do business internationally, meaning they have customers all over the world, hundreds if not thousands of employees and squared meters of warehouses, production lines, loading yards, raw material warehouse, immense parking lots capable to receive cargo trucks and space enough for maneuvering them and some times their warehouses are located in different spots, separated by several kilometers from each other.

If this is the case, it is very easy for managers and labor workers to lose track of the orders, keep punctually on their schedule and handle multiple orders from thousands of inpatient customers overseas, not to mention the usually work around the clock.

When the merchandise arrives at its final destination and the buyer realizes the order is incomplete or damaged, it almost impossible to recover the loses missing or broken products represent.

You must bear in mind, that the factory is not trying to “steal” from you, they are usually owned by very wealthy individuals and they don´t focus their business on micro profit derived from a few missing cartons per order, so for the factory it doesn´t really represent good business to charge for you 1,000 and deliver 970 boxes, it´s just not good business.

They don’t have the time or the patience to be dealing with angry customers, the products you ordered are most likely customized to your brand and specific market and cartons left behind are not going to be sold, they are just going to take vital space at their warehouse for fresh badges of merchandise that are, in fact, going to be sold and cashed in.

By this, we are not saying that factories don’t cheat, they do! They just do it in different ways and driven by different objectives, we´ll talk about that in a different post. What we are saying is that despite the fact that it is usually not the intention to cut your short or deliver damaged cargo, it does happen and as an importer, it is of the essence to keep a record of what are you buying and in what conditions that order was delivered.

A CONTAINER LOADING INSPECTION is a very useful instrument to keep you posted, informed in real-time, keep track of your shipments, take care of your relationships with your supplier and be a reliable player in the supply chain of your customers.

Container loading inspection is very imprtant to start importing from asia. The goal to pursue when performing this inspection (CLI) is to confirm the container´s physical conditions in which the goods will be loaded into, ensuring the merchandise won´t be exposed to humidity, excessive temperatures, abusive handling when loading the container or during its transportation onboard the vessel.

In addition, a physical revision of the merchandise is conducted in order to verify the quantity of cartons being loaded, confirming the amount upon Packing List (PL) and Seaway Bill.  Also we will make sure the loading plan is being follow as to avoid fragile cargo to be mistreated.

We will deliver a report of the loading process within 24 hours after the inspection was performed, emphasizing important information about your shipment, such as:

Container Loading Inspection. As an importer, there are key aspects to keep an eye on when your goods are ready to be shipped.
  • Quantity
  • Quality
  • Packaging
  • Brands
  • labeling-subject to product´s customs regulation

Container Loading Inspection


A Container Loading Inspection is usually performed at the supplier´s factory or warehouse, but can also take place at the freight forwarder´s warehouse, at the co loaders warehouse, and sometimes even at public and bonded warehouses.

The inspection is performed seeking to ensure the correct and gentle handling of the cargo to avoid any damage to it, and verify the right products and quantity is being loaded into the shipping containers in order to confirm that the cargo complies with Invoice, Packing List and with the normativity of the country of destination.


This quality control inspection usually takes place at the factory as cargo is being loaded into the shipping container. The inspection and supervision process includes a condition evaluation of the shipping container, verification of product information, quantities loaded, packaging compliance, and overall supervision of the loading process.

Process of container loading inspection

Any container loading supervision starts with a container inspection. If the container is in good shape and the goods are to 100% packaged the loading inspection proceeds. The inspector verifies that the correct goods were packaged and that all of the client’s specifications were met. While the loading of the container commences will the inspector verifies that the correct quantity of product is being loaded. Our inspector will continuously monitor the container stuffing to ensure the products will be handled with care. After all the goods are loaded, the inspector seals the container with the client’s seal and with our own seal. Lastly, an inspection report documenting the inspection and loading of the products will be issued.

  • A record of weather conditions, the arrival time of container, record of the container and truck number
  • Full container inspection and evaluation to assess any damage, interior moisture, perforations, and smell test to detect mold or rot
  • Confirm the quantity of goods and condition of the shipping cartons
  • Random selection of sample cartons to verify the packaged products in the shipping cartons
  • Supervise the loading process to ensure proper handling, minimize breakage, and maximize space utilization
  • Record the seal numbers and departure time of container

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to a Container Loading Inspection, every importer has different reasons for what they can get out of it, whether because you need to enforce the correct and proper handling of fragile merchandise, or to avoid unpleasant surprises upon its arrival, nobody wants to see their products wrecked by humidity.

Others have obtained major control on their supply chain by keeping track of the exact amount in their inventories, from the moment the goods were shipped until the they arrived at their warehouse, reducing considerably ant theft.

Some others have improved their delivery schedule by saving time and money, some countries like Mexico demand a re-inspection of the cargo at customs in the port of destination, this means waiting for the authorities to assign an “appointment” for doing it, space at the port, crane maneuvers, and delay penalties with the shipping line and your customers may be implied, not to mention penalties and fines for wrong labeling and misleading tax declarations.

Globex Asia Inspections offers Container Loading Inspection in China

We are always looking to provide added value to our customers´ supply chain management strategies, and we are never too comfortable with what we have achieved.

We not just only perform inspections, we tailor fit our services and train our inspectors so we can enforce and execute your specific instructions and needs as if it was you at the factory.

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