Purchase Management


We will assist you throughout the entire purchase process, from the moment you decide to buy until the moment the cargo is shipped.

Selecting the supplier implies much more analysis and comparison rather than just the lowest quotation, to ensure competitiveness in the market, importers have had to expand their selecting activities by filtering and evaluating different aspects of the factory´s profile.

Evaluating and comparing different options based on internal standards and/or the market´s, expands your possibilities to achieve the purchasing conditions you require for the effective positioning of your brand.

The selling price of most products goes as high as twice the cost of production, mostly because of the transformation process they went through, but also because of how challenging and time consuming it is to select the right supplier and develop the right product in terms of quality, price and delivery time from the moment the order is placed until locating the merchandise in the store.

Purchasing Management objectives:

  • Pay as low as possible obtaining the best quality
  • Hold sufficient inventories to face the market´s demands
  • Developing reliable suppliers and healthy relations with them
  • Ensure your quality and protect and your brand’s reputation
  • Keep minimum waste and loss due to spoilage, obsolescence, delays, duplication, ….  

Why to request a Purchase Management?

  1. Receive professional advice on how to negotiate with your suppliers, or, leave the task to us. We have gained wide experience on the local business culture and speak the language.
  2. Verify the existence and the credentials of your supplier, it will get to you closer to the results you are looking for.
  3. Monitor the quality of your items at any stage of the production
  4. Stay informed, receive constant feedback on the ongoing orders, plan your time and collect data from the ground
  5. Receive confirmation on the product´s compliance to your requirements and make sure the complete amount of items is being loaded into the container